$15 T-Shirt Tuesdays!

Tuesdays aren’t just for tacos anymore - because Inked Mama Crafty Creations is bringing you a hot new deal!
Let’s break it down how it will work:

⭐️ 10+ designs to pick from each week
⭐️shirt color will be random, hence the sale price!
⭐️LOCALS - there is the option of Local Pickup. I will not deliver to you unless we have previously spoke about it.
This is a handmade item by a small business. Although perfection is what is strived for it doesn't always happen. There may be slight color variation, small 'whoopsies" however you will never be given a product that isnt up to the highest standards. Just be gentle with those standards, even big box products have whoopsies!
TAT (turn around time): Shirts will be mailed typically within 3-5 days UNLESS your shirt size is not on hand. You will be contacted if you size was not on hand and appropriate TAT time will be given, typically it will be within 2-3 weeks, mostly depending on shipping times.

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