Confused on how to order? Let's break it down...

In efforts to have all current product inventory attached to EACH design, we have the site set up in a way that you may not quite understand at first! But we promise once you check it out and get the feel of it, you'll see the madness.


**For this example we will be using the Apparel Products for reference**

On the top of the any page of the site you will see the menu;

for apparel we will click on RETAIL PRODUCTS

 In this RETAIL PRODUCTS menu you will see all we offer for you as a retail customer! Apparel, drinkware, gift ideas and more.

For apparel you have a few different options to check out... 

The first being under Ready to Shop Products, this will show you everything that is already created, meaning it has a design on the product. This is constantly changing as our inventory is sold either online or at vendor events.

The next option is the Apparel with Inked Mama Designs. This is means the designs ARE NOT APPLIED to any products yet. These will show you examples of the designs we have created that can be applied to any apparel option that we have within our on hand inventory. You will see the designs organized into Collections to make it easier to find the vibe!

If you click on any of the Collections such as "lovey-dovey Valentines Day" the page will re-direct to show you all the designs within that collection. There you will be able to 'shop' the designs, click on the design listing you like!

Every single Inked Mama design listed under Apparel will have our current ON HAND INVENTORY listed. This allows you as the shopper to see what we have on hand to get you your order completed even sooner, than if we had to special order your selection. Previously we would ask our shoppers to chose 3 different apparel options and if we didn't have it on hand than we would order it. This was not a preferred method. Doing it how we are now allows you to see all at once everything we have on hand from t-shirts to hoodies and all in between.

<---- Once you find the design you love and you have clicked on the listing, you will see this! What is it? It is all our ON HAND INVENTORY for our products, for this example- Apparel. You will pick your product of choice, such as crew neck shirts. Click on that drop-down menu and....

<---- This is where you will see all that current styles colors/sizes. Along with the price. Click on the product that is the winner, add to cart and ch-ching you are done! :)

**If you do not see your size you can click on the link above the drop-down menu that is for CUSTOM ORDER apparel. Meaning we will have to order your product which will increase the time when your order is finished.

Still have questions? That's ok! Click on the little green chat button on the bottom right corner or send us an email -