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Child walking with Jesus - Miscarriage, child loss support

Child walking with Jesus - Miscarriage, child loss support

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never have I experienced a pain as when I suffered a miscarriage. There is a hole in my heart that can never be filled. After my lose, what brought me some comfort was the vision of Jesus walking hand in hand with my babe, providing love and support until I can. Even though almost 9 years have passed since I lost precious child, I still grieve. I still wonder what their smile would have looked like, the color for their eyes, the sound of their giggles, oh how I yearn to hear that sound. And the gender. How I wish I could have a face to put the baby in my heart. But I can’t. Not yet. But I believe someday I will, someday I will name my child and hold them tight. And I just may not let go.

But until I can I know Jesus is. 

if you have suffered a miscarriage or a child lose, my heart grieves with you. There are no words that can fill that hole. Yet I would like to offer you this image that took me all these years to finally have enough strength to create. I do not want to make anything off your pain, these are offered for free. And yes it can be shipped at a low cost of the buyer. Unless I have another surface, it will be on an 8x10 canvas. It is a reprint of the digital creation. 

And if you are purchasing it for a loved one who is grieving, that is amazing, thank you for offering them love and support. You may feel you there is nothing you can do or say. And there maybe isn’t. Offer support by being there for them. Sit with them as they fall asleep, the nights can be the worst. Bring food so they don’t have to cook. Bring your favorite books or music. A soft, warm blanket can provide so much comfort too. And just be there. You don’t have to say anything. Let them know you are there. Don’t offer reasons for why this happened. It doesn’t matter. The pain is still there. And maybe this image will give them something to find comfort in.

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