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Infant & Kid Raglan Cream Body Baseball Shirt **PICK DESIGN SEPARATELY**

Infant & Kid Raglan Cream Body Baseball Shirt **PICK DESIGN SEPARATELY**

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The attached photo is an EXAMPLE of what our Suppliers may have available. 

After placing this item in your cart, go pick a ready to print design or order a custom design! 

Apparel Availability & Options! 

Due to a current industry wide shirt shortage, crazy but true, as well as lack of storage in this Mama’s home, product is currently ordered once a week or more if orders allow. 

Current Processing Time is 2-3 weeks. If product is on hand you’ll receive it even quicker! 

IF the color option in your size/color is not available, Inked Mama will chose an option that is as close as possible. This may mean choosing a different color or similar style. If there is not a very close option available, Inked Mama will attempt to email you with other options. If this is not an immediate option, you will be refunded. This is unfortunate but it is how the world currently runs! Thank you for understanding! 

Polyester & Sublimation: In order to receive the highest quality design, your apparel will be in a high count polyester. Preferably 100%. Do not let this scare you! Inked Mama has found aweome suppliers who stock amazing, soft to the touch apparel! Butter soft, if you may! ;)

The apparel also needs to be a light color in order for the sublimated design to be seen! If you truly would rather have a dark color, there may be other options depending on your design. Please contact Inked Mama to start that convo! 

Due to personal settings on your device, actual color of product may vary

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