Custom Apparel Options

Sublimation is the most permanent - it infuzes into the fabric, meaning it will not crack or peel away from the shirt. A few things with sublimation:

    *Shirt has to be a light color, such as white, light grey, light pink, light blue, tan etc. Think of it as a highlighter, it will work on black or dark paper but you will not be able to see it.
    *Shirt must be a high count polyster shirt. The higher the count, the more vibrant the design will be. However most people do not like a high count poly shirt as they do not breath well.
    *The most popular option is our poly.cotton blend shirts that are a straight, unisex fit. Due to the cotton fibers in the shirt, the design will fade a bit and will have a ‘vintage’ look.

DTF stands for Direct to film - the design is printed in full color onto a plastic backer that is then applied to the shirt with heat. Here are a few things about DTF:

    *DTF will have a slight plastic feel, but does soften as you wash it.
    *Although very sturdy, eventually it will crack or peel away from the shirt.
    *Any shirt, any color can be used with DTF. No restrictions! Typically we still use a poly/cotton blend shirt as this is most popular with our peeps!
    *Being that we do not print these in house, there is a $3 uncharge for DTF prints.

To get you invoiced for your new shirt, we need to know which option you would like!
    1. Sublimation on a 100% polyester shirt
    2. Sublimation on a poly/cotton blend shirt
    3. DTF on a poly/cotton shirt

Here is a list of shirt colors we may be able to get for you. Other styles/colors may be available - just ask! Keep in mind for sublimation the colors we suggest are: white, ash, light pink, light blue and sandstone for most colors. The other 'lighter' colors MAY work depending on the design.