It is your own responsibility to know your own heat press and products temp/time requirements. The paper we use for our sublimation prints is meant to be pressed at a lower temp. Inked Mama subs on 100% polyester apparel, typically presses at 365* for 45 seconds. BUT you must know your own equipment! We recommend after pressing, lift just a corner of the design to see if you have a good pressed image.

With sublimation, you must use a high count polyester or poly-coated product. The lower count polyester you use, the more ink will fade in your image, giving you a more vintage look.

Sublimation printers DO NOT PRINT WHITE INK. Any white in the design when pressed with by the color of the product. For example, on a blue shirt, anything 'white' in the design will show blue.

There are NO REFUNDS FOR A BAD PRESSED IMAGE. Inked Mama along with many customers use our prints daily and love the results! With anything there may be a learning curve, if you have any issues please reach out by emailing us at OR by using the green chat icon at the bottom of site.