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We print, you press! Build your own Custom Sublimation Print Gang Sheets

We print, you press! Build your own Custom Sublimation Print Gang Sheets

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Having your custom Sublimation prints has never been easier - now you will simply click the "Create your own Gang Sheet' button below to get started!

There you will pick the canvas size you need for your Sublimation Images. DO NOT MIRROR YOUR IMAGES. Inked Mama's printer does this automatically. IF you need an image to be NOT MIRRORED for when you press, you must inform Inked Mama at the time of your order.

The upload system will inform you if your image is of low quality and needs to be a higher DPI. If you upload an image under 300 DPI - we can not guarantee the print quality. And there are NO REFUNDS for poor printed images that you uploaded.

After you upload your images and submit your gang sheet, you will need to come back to this listing and purchase the SAME SIZE canvas that you used for your gang sheet. If they mismatch, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Inked Mama will not edit or change any of your upload, we will print what you submit. Ensure your spacing between images is enough for you to be able to tear the edges for a smoother print.

**Need help understanding how to use the Upload system? Watch this video for tips!

**Each Maker must know their own equipment. There are no refunds for a badly pressed image. All our prints are of high quality and are pressed weekly inhouse with no issues by Inked Mama & many customers. 

**SUBLIMATION FUN FACTS TO KNOW: Inked Mama's sub printer DOES NOT print white. Any white in your images will be void of ink and when pressed will be the color of whatever substrate (product) you are pressing on. Example: if pressing on a light grey shirt, any white in your design, will be light grey (the shirt color) when pressed. Sublimation works best on light colors, that are polycoated or a high count polyester. The higher the poly count, the brighter your image will be. If you are using a cotton blend, you may see fading in your design. That is due to the cotton fibers in the material. Think of it as a highlight writing on black paper, it will work but you won't see it!

**Sublimation Print Orders are rolled, than placed inside a clear sealed bag and then shipped in a tube or triangle box.We do not pre-cut around any of your images.

**Inked Mama is NOT HELD RESPONSIBLE for any images uploaded. By uploading these images you are claiming you own the rights to these files and to have them printed by another business. Inked Mama is not liable/responsible for any copyright infringement claims or charges. The images you upload are for your order only and are not shared with anyone or any other orders.

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