Hello & welcome!

You found Inked Mama! Maybe you scanned the QR code on the back of one of my products, or this link was shared to you. Or maybe you are magic and found it on your own! Or you clicked the link on the home page and it brought you here.... However you ended up here, I'm so glad you did! Let me introduce myself and if you keep scrolling you'll find the many ways to connect with me!

BUT FIRST --  guess what state I'm from.

You betcha, I'm from good ole MINNESOTA. And yes I know I have an "accent".

Now I know what you are thinking. Why "INKED MAMA" well take one look at my very colorful skin and you’ll see why… (hint.... I got alot of tattoos. I mean, A LOT, but I tend to forget I have them)

Art has always been my escape to the craziness of life, and most of my adult life I have been selling art and creating for others to come extent. I kinda just went with the art flow.

Within the last few years, I have rebranded, refocused and turned it into a full time gig (along with all the other full time gigs i have). I started a new journey into sublimation and digital art, on creating custom, fun pieces digitally on my iPad. I was afraid I would miss the "art" meaning the paint, the pencils, the 'feel' of art. But it has been such a rewarding and exciting journey that I truly love.

Custom or pre-drawn, each design can be applied in so many ways; apparel, drinkware, home decor, like magnets, signs, and so much more.

Retail customers don’t limit yourself to one way of using a
design, it can be applied to so many surfaces. Just ask if you have an idea!

Are you a creator as well? I got a little something for you too! Digital Designs can also be bought for your own creating and printing needs! Digital customers will find high quality, hand created,
transparent images at super affordable prices. Custom Digital prices are available, prices depend on the complexity of the design, so you know the deal, just ask! <3

And also for all my other small business peeps, I got super cute and often sassy, small business stickers. Thermal printed, waterproof and affordable, perfect for your small biz packaging & more!

Thanks for checking my shop out, I really appreciate your support! Mushy or not, without people like you I wouldn't have a business. Sure I'd still have art, but it wouldn't be a business. So thank you.

UFFDAH, now Let's connect and get crafting! <3 Steph Rasmussen, Owner and weirdo. And thanks for being patient as I find the best way to utilize my webstie!

email: inkedmamacreations@outlook.com

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